HTC M7 Problem - Unresponsive home & back keys

Are you having issues with your HTC One  home / back key ? HTC One M7 users have been talking about  the home button of the device which is unresponsiveness. The home key or the back key doesn't respond sometimes and such issue has been observed in some previous android devices too. Issue persists in almost every HTC One But it's certainly not as bad as the Sony Xperia S which has been criticized a lot for it's touch keys.
HTC One M7 - Unresponsive home & back keys
Hate your home key ?

Unresponsive home & back keys -solution 

There is a simple solution for this problem. For those who are experiencing Unresponsive back/home buttons you could try the following solution.

1. Go to HTC One >> settings.
2. Choose 'language & keyboard'.
3. Then go for HTC sense input.
4. Inside that click advanced and then calibration tool.

While you are going to calibrate the keyboard, press the keys / buttons very lightly. Once you're done you should experience better back/home key response.  What we are going do here is to calibrate settings to response to the slight touches.

This can help you upto some extent but it's not the final solution. You will have to learn how exactly you need  to use the keys. Let us know your opinion about this problem.

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  1. It's not a matter of not registering touch due to slight touches. It doesn't register anything at all. This will be very obvious when you turn on "vibrate on touch". When the back button stops responding, no matter how you press it, be it slight touch, full finger pressing, long press, etc, nothing registers. After say 20-30s, then it will respond again.


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