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  1. Do you know any fix that coming soon with the unresponsive home and back button? Follow your instrctions seems a little better but still not perfect.

    1. I've read that HTC is going to release the next software version which will handle it upto good extent.

  2. Hi Amy,

    Would you have run across any contacts at htc that can help getting more localized content into blinkfeed? (Im in Canada - and US politics is really not my thing)

    Ive tried contacting their support via email but it seems like many other companies they dont really read things - just use pre-written generic responses (in my case they wrote back and told me how to restart blinkfeed... err that wasnt an issue i needed help with) :)




    1. Hi Adam,

      I am sorry to hear that. Everyone hates such auto responses.

      Have you heard of XDA community. I think that's the best place you can get any information about any Smartphone and can ask your doubt. In your case, there are lot of One users currently talking on the forum.

      Post your question on

  3. Amy
    Power saver is awesome. Normal use with mainly wifi, text, call, youtube. Lated 2 days and still 20 % left.

    1. Good to know about it Sunny. Power saver is basically turns off everything - data use and freezes apps and that's the big reason why it increases battery life.

  4. hi. I have a problem whit my Htc One m7 . I connect the phone with the computer using the usb cable and the htc sync manager (the last one ) start going crazy. the software turn one and then 3 seconds later turn off by hiself and then turn on again . and this never stop. I have windows 8

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