HTC One NFC problem | unable to send or receive pictures and files

While HTC's premium hardware has been a main attraction for buyers, many of the new features came from HTC sense 5. Along with other features, NFC sharing  has been improved a lot. Lot of users are actually upgrading to HTC one m7 to learn new ways to experiment  NFC. While they found NFC is a great medium to share files like pictures and videos, some of them are not pleased with NFC's limitations.

htc one m7 nfc problems

Unable to receive pictures from other devices

sharing files between 2 HTC devices is really smooth and quck. Just enable NFC, select the picture and share via NFC. You can easily send as well as receive pictures with another HTC device. The problem starts when you try to interacting with other manufacturers such as samsung and sony.

We tried finding out how NFC sharing works with other devices. We shared a picture with Samsung Galaxy S4 via NFC. S4 easily recognized the file shared and saved it to its memory. Then we tried sending a picture from Galaxy S4 to HTC one.

HTC one recognized incoming  file is about to be shared through NFC. after a few seconds, the alert dialogue just disappeared and  it was redirected to play store which was followed by an alert message saying "item not found, retry".  that was weird

Solution to NFC problem

Superbeam- a cool Google play store applications which is capable of sharing files between two devices using NFC. Though one of the main attraction for the app is sharing files over Wi-Fi but it is even capable of sharing the files between two devices using NFC. Few HTC users have already tried this app and it seems to be working fine. this application is totally free and allows you to share files between andoid smart phones and tablets.

have you ever experienced issues with your NFC?
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HTC One M7 gets Android 4.2.2 Jellybean Update

HTC One M7 gets it's first major update - Android 4.2.2 jellybean. The HTC russia head has recently tweeted about the 4.2.2 update for HTC One and some users from europe have already updated their handsets to 4.2.2. The update mainly includes UI customization and there are few more new  tweaks for the navigation.
HTC One m7 Jellybean update 4.2.2

HTC One jellybean 4.2.2 Update

Check out highlights of the update
  • Acess android menu by long home key press
  • Can stick app icons to the App Drawer even after adding them to the App Dock of HTC One
  • Includes an option to empty the App Dock entirely
  • Android Daydream function
  • Some other UI tweaks
Final features of the jellybean 4.2.2 update include lot of tweaks to increase battery life, improve cpu performance, reduce number of crashes and improve compatibility with bluetooth accessories. New update even includes the option to view the battery level percentage in the status bar which is at the top of the display screen.

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The HTC One Android 4.2.2 update is available for SIM-free and unlocked handsets. There is no official news when carrier-locked HTC One will be receiving the update. AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile are yet to receive this update.
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How to Reboot HTC One(m7) | freezes and becomes unresponsive

Sometimes your One just freezes and becomes unresponsive. As HTC one has non-removable battery, you cannot just pull it out and restart your phone like old days. Lot of users come across this situation while installing custom ROM on their phone.No, it's not bricked but you cannot thing as the phone is totally unresponsive. So you will have to wait till the battery drains completely. We have found a way to force a restart if your phone is not restarting. The default way is to hold power button for at least 10 seconds but there is solution if it still doesn't shut down.

Restart - Reboot HTC One

Seems like HTC has added security feature in your phone to avoid accidental reboot. To boot your one, you need to do following steps.

1. Put your phone under a bright light source. I know this sounds stupid but just do it.
2. Press and hold Power button for long.
3. The lights will blink.
4. Phone will shut off.

HTC One has an ambient sensor and when you put your One under the bright light, it overwhelms the ambient light sensor. This seems to be some kind of safety feature HTC built into the the smartphone to prevent you from accidentally restarting your phone. The ambient light sensor is checked before the reboot will take place, hence the recommendation of rebooting with a light pointed at the sensor or at least in a brightly lit room.
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HTC One Problems | Cracked Camera Lens

HTC's flagship device is one of the popular devices on year 2013. The device alone helped HTC in seeing 23% rise in the revenue in this quarter. The device is facing issues from the first day of it's release. There have been serious issues regarding built quality and here's the new addition to it - Cracked camera lens. Some users found their camera lens cracked, irrespective ant fall or knock.

Cracked camera lens of HTC One

The user has claimed that the he didn't drop the phone. It seems like there is some issue with the quality of the camera lens glass. We investigated more and it seems like HTC forgot to do some homework while working on the new aluminium back and lens glass. The issue can be a temperature change.

Thermal contraction of the aluminum case when cold would put more stress on the glass as aluminum would contract 4x as much as the glass per degree of temperature change. So this can be the reason for the camera to crack.

Did you see any cracks on your camera lens?
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HTC Official Double Dip Case in Red-Orange | Price and Quick review

HTC offers official Double Dip case which is one of the best cases out for HTC One M7. Let's have a look at the red colored double dip case with silver white HTC One. The case comes in red-orange combination which looks different and eye catching. If you are looking to try some new trendy colors,  this is an ideal case for you.
HTC one m7 official Double dip Red orange case

HTC Official Double Dip Case - Quick review

The case belongs to full protective type case category and it covers your HTC One perfectly. It protects the  back, sides, top and bottom. Though it affects the overall metallic look and adds the slightly bulky, plasticky look. But  we are sure that the case offers better protection than any other hard shell cover available in market.

It fits perfectly around your device and all the ports are accessible. There is no overlapping over camera and a flash which is a problem in most of the cases.

It comes in three pieces - top, bottom and at the back. Once the case is fully assembled, it will provide you complete protection from heavy drops in any knocks.

Pricing and verdict

The case costs £16.95 on amazon. The price may differ if you try to buy on eBay and other sites.

We would recommend to use this case only if you're okay with wrapping a beautiful aluminium body.  The case is worth every penny you pay but it completely hides each and every original part of your phone. If you prefer protection over the showing it off, go ahead with the HTC Double Dip case.
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How to open Google Now on HTC One M7

Wondering how to launch the Google Now on you all new HTC One M7 ? Well, its pretty simple. Being an android, HTC one has lot of shortcuts to open Google services. Google Now is one of the latest offering from google which keeps your updated. Let's see how to open Google Now on HTC One M7 ?

Launch Google Now on HTC One

HTC One Launch Google Now Appication

HTC One has a home button on it's right. Just hold the home button and it will open the google now.'Long press' home is the key to open the google now. If you don't use google now, then you can go to settings and change the application which will get launched on long home press.
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Google brings HTC One Nexus edition Via Google Play-store

HTC ties up with Google to launch the HTC One Nexus edition. The rumors about HTC One Nexus are true and the phone will be released on June 26. The nexus version of one will cost $599 and will be coming in silver as well as stealth black colors. USA will be first country to get the Google HTC Nexus HTC and it  will be available with AT&T and T-Mobile bands with support for LTE.

Google HTC One Nexus: Specs & features

HTC One Nexus will have identical specifications to the original One. The smartphone will be available via play store and the sell will expanded later for other countries.
  • Android Jellybean 4.2.2
  • Beats Audio
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • unlockable bootloader
  • 4.7-inch full HD display
  • quad-core Snapdragon 600
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 4 Ultrapixel camera

HTC One Nexus Price

The nexus version is priced competitively at $599 which  is cheaper than developer's edition. It was quite expected that Google will tie up with HTC to release nexus edition as HTC One taken second position in 'best selling android'. The announcement was right after the announcing the Galaxy S4 Nexus edition. Though the hardware is not very different, the software will have special touch of nexus range. Nexus  series is known for it's unique features inherited from Google.
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