How to Close Recent Apps in HTC One

Did you have problem in closing recent applications in your HTC one ? lot of users faced problems in finding a way to remove the recently used or recently opened application. From Android ICS (ice cream sandwich) OS update, every android device follows a unique way of showing the recently used apps.

HTC One Home key remove apps

Just press and hold the home button and you will see a list of recently used apps. Just drag the application which you want to close to either left or right and it will be removed from cache memory. HTC one has a quite different way to access and remove recently used applications.

Just double tap the home button and same interface with recently used apps will be shown. To close them just slide the box up and it closes the app. Rather than following native android methods, this is kind of new experiment from HTC and double tapping home key is quite simple and easy to understand.

Hope this helped you in clearing recently used apps from your One.

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