HTC One has gaps in Device | suffers from poor Build quality

One M7 has the amazing build quality and the when you hold the phone, you you feel the top-notch material used for this phone. Still HTC's latest device HTC One M7 suffers from poor build quality. Though it is  one of the leading and most advanced android smart phone present in the market, the phone misses final touch ups from its maker. from the beginning, users have been complaining about the gaps between the various parts of the phone. The the sticking is not proper, it has an even surface and there are plenty of gaps between the body and the screen. it's a disappointing for a flagship phone like One M7 were released without checking for its quality.

Gaps in HTC One body

HTC One M7 Gaps in device
HTC One has plenty of gaps
As you can see in the picture, the exterior of the phone and the display screen had some gaps between them. The surface is uneven and not up to the mark.
HTC One M7 body Gaps

The problem has affected almost every M7 created and released. If your phone has such gaps then it is advisable to exchange your phone as soon as possible. though this issue does not have any major effect on the working of this phone.

How to check for the gaps before buying my phone?

It's very simple. Use your fingers and move it over the joints to feel any un evenness on your phone. If if you experience any small gap or uneven parts then please report this to the HTC support Center and get your smart phone is replaced by better phone.

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